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Conspiracy Fact >> Conspiracy Theory.

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Kelly Slater Wants Change - Investigate 9-11, Avoid Monsanto
Rick Rule explains Optionality in Resource investing.

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Andrew Maguire @ King World News - Experienced Currency Trader in London Markets Tells All - or as much as possible.
6 Dan Norcini interview at - Experienced Commodity Trader in the US Markets Tells Almost All.
7 Jim Puplava @ Financial Sense + Hour 2 - Good Resource for Explaining Dividend Paying Stocks & Laddered Bond Portfolios.
8 Steen Jacobsen @ Peak Prosperity, Interview with Chris Martenson - "Steen Jakobsen, Chief Investment Officer of Saxo Bank, who can provide an eyes-on-the-ground perspective on the European banking system from his location in Copenhagen."
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( This is not an airline sales pitch. )

A great example of Live Streaming Flash,
with Adobe's IP content protection technology,
Professional Sports with Client Side Instant Replay.

WSL-ASP team has also ported their webcast technology to Microsoft Silverlight.

This is one example of a super useful, possibly disruptive media technology.

In 5 or 10 years, all sports broadcasts could easily be done this way - and you
won't have to worry about having Cable TV to watch the Super Bowl.

Plenty of ad time for Samsung and other sponsors.

You just need decent speed Internet.  My wireless costs $30 a month.

The Cable Companies are not crazy about this idea.

Teahupoo 2016, August 19 -30

The worst that can happen is that viewers will be forced to watch
10,000 replays of the "Point Break 2" commercial.

It is not a technology that makes bad programming obsolete.