I remember the morning of 9-11.

I had just arrived at work after going swimming at the YMCA in North County San Diego.

This meant I was sitting down at my desk at about 9:15 AM, at a Military Contractor in North County San Diego.

We designed and built the Avionics for airplanes like the F22, JSF, and EA6B.  Computers, Radios, Antennas.

2001 was kind of slow for us in the San Diego military electronics industry.  Many of my co-workers were working on a next-gen cell phone base station for Nokia.

I had been asked to Play Around with the EMI shielding.   I tried to get the best shielding I could, without spending too much money.

On the test fixture that I designed and my co-workers built, we measured 143 dB of Isolation from 10 MegaHertz to 2.5 Gigahertz.

The most Isolation I ever heard a System Guy say that they needed was, 100 dB.

143 dB was the best isolation number I had ever heard, after starting in the Wireless industry in 1980.

Perhaps one other work project that might help describe me to readers is, the test fixture that myself and another worker were asked to design for F22 automated Testing, in 2002, after 9-11.

We were asked to build test fixtures for the 2 different F22 backplanes.  Each airplane had an "A" rack and a "B" rack, each with 25+ Digital, Radio, and Power modules.

THAT Revision (since changed) had 5390 and 5190 interconnects, that all had to "line up".  The 2 backplanes had to "line up" with the approximately 50 Radio & Digital Modules, AND with our Radio Module test fixtures.

Sort of like Extension Cards with Break-out Boxes, that allow you to test digital, RF, and power lines with a Scope Probe, Logic Analyzer, or Vector Network Analyzer.

Travis, the other guy on the Project, a skilled Engineer and Machinist that our employer hired away from a large Machine Shop, and I broke the workload up about 50-50.  He got more of the Digital/ Computer, modules, I got more of the Radio modules.

It was an impossibly tight schedule, with lots of Overtime Authorized.

We designed it, using Hewlett Packard Cocreate "OneSpace" 3D Modelling software on a Dell Workstation.  The machinists fabricated the parts.  There were assemblers cherry-picked from the production line for their ability to work on Prototypes, who helped us assemble it.

10,580 connector features had to line up.  10,580 connector features lined up ... after 4 months of long weeks, and a manufacturing staff that expected it to be done in 3 months, even though something like that would normally take 2 years.

Huge Attention to Detail on an Impossibly Tight Schedule - for some of us in Silicon Valley, that is OUR DEFINITION OF FUN.  :-)  Really.

As one of my office-mates observed, I sweated a lot and benefited from the practice of bringing extra shirts to work.
"He stinks but he made everything line up on the F22 test fixtures".

But in the morning, after swimming, if I smelled, it was only like Chlorine.  At that job, if I ran out of shirts or sweated too much, I only stank in the afternoons.

So on Tuesday September 11, 2001, as I was sitting at my desk checking the stock market, possibly smelling like Chlorine, I was initially miffed by the fact that the stock markets were closed, and you couldn't check stock prices.

However, this minor upset was quickly replaced by a bigger reaction, as the World got its first look at the Crimes of 9-11.

Newspaper reports, Willie Brown got a Phone Call Warning Him not to Fly the Week of 9-11.

On or about Thursday, September 13, 2001, the San Francisco Chronicle had one of many articles about 9-11.

This was about Willie Brown, a Senior California Politician, receiving a phone call warning him not to fly the week of 9-11.

Since the "Official Story" at that time was that the US government had "No Idea Whatsoever" that alleged "Islamic Terrorists" were planning to crash airplanes into the World Trade Center, the article about Willie Brown being warned not to fly, obviously contradicted the Official Conspiracy Theory.

Willie Brown is better informed than the American CIA ?  That would make him VERY well-informed.  Maybe I should ask him for some stock tips ?

Over time, the facts that emerged in our American Culture, contradicting the Official Conspiracy Theory, numbered in the 100's.  And then I simply stopped trying to count them.

Doing Metal Casting - a Good Background for Understanding 9-11.

I have a fair amount of experience with Metal Casting and Metal Working.

When I was about 12, we lived in Greece for a year.  I got a hold of a Hammer and some Sheet Copper, and an Anvil, and started making Copper Bowls under our house in the suburbs of Athens.  This involved Many Hours of making Loud Pounding Noises.  I'm surprised none of my neighbors complained.

My first project in industry was to design an aluminum casting with 7 cavities that measured about 20 inches by 8 inches by 2 inches, and was designed to hold a Microwave Radio sold by L3 Harris in the mid 1980's.

Having done a lot of metal working as a child, it was easy for me to "get the details" and design an aluminum casting.

Later on, I also learned to cast Gold and Silver, using Lost Wax casting and Vacuum casting.

I also melted Silver in a camp-fire, which one of the other Silver people told me was how it was done in Africa centuries ago.

And most recently, I built a wood fired kiln to melt Aluminum in a Graphite Crucible, using "Wildfire Prevention" wood.  i.e. Wood that is removed from the country-side to create a fire-break.  Normally it is "just burned".  I thought, THAT is a waste of energy.

Regarding 9-11 - it was, among other things, an Act of Metal-working.

And a very interesting one at that.

The Official Conspiracy Theory - that 2 planes containing a small amount of jet fuel, 9000 gallons - which weighs about 6 pounds per gallon.  54,000 pounds.

Yet each World Trade Center building is spec'ed as containing 100,000+ tons of steel.  200,000,000+ pounds.

Let us say that 1/10 of that was melted to accomplish the collapse of one

54,000 pounds of kerosene melting 20 million pounds of STEEL ?!

That would be like, 54 pounds of kerosene melting 20,000 pounds of Steel.

That would be like, .054 pounds of kerosene melting 20 pounds of Steel.

Wow, I wish I could buy some Kerosene like that for my metal casting.

In the world of Metal Melting and Metal Working - it just doesn't work that way.

If I could buy "9-11 Jet Fuel" with the Energy Content implied by the Official Conspiracy Theory, I would do it.

Though I would handle it very carefully, for it has about 4000 times more energy, per gallon, than normal jet fuel.

The metal structure of the bottom half of the building was somehow melted by the fire we saw - in the top half of the building ?

In the world of Metal Melting and Metal Working - it just doesn't work that way.

As the Earth rotated around its Axis and around the Sun for a few more years, more and more Facts emerged that contradicted and then shattered the Official Conspiracy Theory.

Senator Al Franken admitted that Mayor Ed Koch warned HIM (Al Franken) not to go to his office at the World Trade Center on 9-11.

Admitted it in writing.  In his Book, the Lying Liars Book.

Why would Senator Franken make such a Serious Admission in a book with possible Comedic intent ?

There is nothing Funny about 9-11 - except maybe for the 5 Dancing Israeli Lads that were reported on in the Bergen Park newspaper.  The Kurzberg brothers, Sivan and Paul, and Yaron Shmuel, Oded Ellner, and Omer Marmari.

The Bergen Park newspaper reported on their celebrations as they looked across the river at the collapsing WTC buildings.  They were taken into police custody for about a month, and then shipped back to Israel.

Their existence is NEVER talked about on US news Media.

Over Time, this pattern was repeated Over and Over.  Obviously important things happening - and then being ignorred in the news.  "The Details don't Matter, Because we Say So".

Which basically leads us to the observation, that the mainstream news media in the US refuses to report the important details of 9-11.

The San Francisco Chronical editor, Amy Graff, refuses to comment on either the 2001 news article about Willie Brown, or the statement by Al Franken.

Add in 3 Serious Books, by Michael Ruppert, Chris Bollyn and Zander Fuerza, and the picture becomes Very Clear.


Israel did 9-11, with help from Israel Supporters in the US government.

These are those 3 books:
Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed The World  ///  Christopher Bollyn

Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil  ///  Michael Ruppert

Masters of Deception: Zionism, 9/11 and the War on Terror Hoax  ///  By Zander C. Fuerza

I have access to *.pdf's of the books by Mr. Bollyn and Mr. Fuerza.  I say that to let you know, they are available.

There are 2 other books that are relevant to the discussion of 9-11, and how it intersected with American Culture.

There is a Central Question, about how 9-11 was "grok'ed" ( observed, interpreted, assimilated ) by the 330 million Americans (and 15 million "illegal" immigrants, if they also think about 9-11. )

But in 1991, San Francisco was so Deeply Anti-War.

The "street" and main-stream culture in San Francisco, in 1991, was still fundamentally Anti-War.

An anti-war culture that existed since the 1960's.  25 years of Anti-War culture.



I did not go to the anti-war protests in 1991, but I did live in the middle of them.  They were the most intense protests that I've seen.

The protesters managed to shut down the Federal Building on Golden Gate.

The protesters shut down several streets.

This is over the invasion of Iraq by US forces in early 1991.

Then, after 9-11, the US engages in a much more massive Military program, kills a LOT more people than in 1991 - and San Francisco doesn't say a word.

That is a serious Culture Change.  ( Reference 1 )

"The Ugly Truth about the ADL", by Anton Chaitkin.

Anton writes about the collaboration between the FBI and the ADL in attacking anti-war protesters, both covertly and overtly, in San Francisco in the early 1990's.

The SF Police got on the case of the ADL, so the activity simply moved sideways, to the "Jews for Jesus" offices at 70 Haight Street.

I call this program "Blood Passover 1995", for it is a resurrection of the terrible Blood Passover practices documented by Prof. Ariel Toaff in his book, "Blood Passover".  Prof. Toaff is a History professor at Bar-Ilan University in Israel.


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Reference 1

FORTUNATELY, I have had the benefit of learning from a Serious Historian, about the financing of WW2 Germany by Wall Street.

And about the ADL.

That Serious Historian who helped me learn about History, and to get past the bullshit taught in American "schools", is Anton Chaitkin.


Reference 2


As with most Web Page design, I can experiment with Colors, Fonts, Lay-out, and CONTENT for many hours.

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Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed The World
Christopher Bollyn
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Masters of Deception: Zionism, 9/11 and the War on Terror Hoax
Zander C. Fuerza
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Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil
Michael Ruppert

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