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A Profound Deficit of Mature Medical Solutions for LASIK Complications.

If asking nice for help worked, I wouldn't be paying for airplane banners or standing on sidewalks with signs that say, "LASIK Impaired My Vision."  I have seen about 10 ophthalmologists and optometrists in my own search for cures for my own corneal disease - the symptoms of which manifested at the ttime of my own LASIK surgery.

When I visited Scripps in La Jolla with 'the sign', I soon had the VP of Operations, the Patient Advocacy Manager, and a "PR Guy" out on the sidewalk, with clipboards, taking notes.  I would say that my presence on the sidewalk did have a motivating effect on these gentlemen.  Suffice it to say that having a guy standing on the sidewalk with a sign is not good for business, if you're trying to sell an elective surgery.  If there was a mature solution for my ocular disease, I would take it - and "Doctor" Gordon, "Doctor" Friedlaender, and "Doctor" Tooma certainly do have the incentive to offer such solutions.

There's only one problem.  Those solutions don't exist.  Yet.

Copyright 2002, 2003 Roger E. Bratt