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The Surgical Eyes Foundation

Websites About TLC:

TLC Surgeons

Another Very Informative Patient Website ~ LASIK

My understanding is that this website has received about 3 million "hits".  I myself have visited it about 4 times.  It is safe to say that the proprietor of LASIK Disaster has been intimately involved in the Ethical Informed Consent of over 500,000 prospective laser eye surgery patients !!

Quoth the LASIK Surgeon, "Deal with it...people lose their sight every day. I'll see you in eight months" ... Quoth the patient so affected, whose pre-existing retinopathy was ignorred as a significant contra-indication by that theoretically highly experienced  "doctor"  ...

A Website with some Interesting Medical Article Excerpts ~ "LASIK Letters"

The United States Food and Drug Administration ~ A great place to search for the word "LASIK" ...

PUBMED - The National Institutes of Health in collaboration with the National Library of Medicine have placed a database with 12 Million medical articles on-line ...

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