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Hello.  My name is Roger Bratt.  I was introduced to the world of corneal disease by San Diego LASIK Surgeon Doctor Michael Gordon.  In my case, that means the following:
A)  A Crossed Left Eye - I See Double.
I experienced double vision about 3 months after my own LASIK surgery.
B)  Chronic Eye Pain.
As soon as I had LASIK, I became a volume consumer of eye-drops.  I used eye-drops to alleviate the feeling of a real dirty contact lens in my left eye.  In the 4-going-on-5 years since my surgery, that feeling of discomfort has escalated, into pain -- eye pain.  Constant eye pain.

Here is a link to a more detailed description of my pre- and post-LASIK eye condition, and how that has affected my functioning in my job and at home.

Copyright 2002, 2003 Roger E. Bratt