Notes on Threshold Formation, as a Primary Component of Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Net Effect of Threshold Formation:  Distance between a "Firing" Pain Receptor Nerve (related to Chronic Pain) and a neighbor is Proportional as the Inverse, the Inverse Square, or some other Inverse Mathematical Relationship yet to be worked out.

In the Electrical System, Threshold for the Activation/ Firing/ Signalling of an NPN Transistor is about 0.7 volts, Base to Emitter

In the Neuro-Chemical & Electrical system of Human Nervous Function, Threshold for the Activation/ Firing/ Signalling of a Pain Receptor is TBD.

Possibly, The Presence of Neuro-chemicals in the 3D neighborhood of Pain Receptors for Teeth #12 & #10 (Immediate Neighbors of Half-Dead Tissue in Tooth #11 that is possibly Provoking the Immune System Response) encourages Threshold Formation, via the near-steady-state Diffusion of Neuro-chemicals.

Quite simply, nerve activity from one constantly firing nerve bundle can lower the Nervous System Equivalent of (the Electrical model's) Voltage Threshold.

Or, put another way - Conservation of Energy still applies.  Quite Simply, Constant Stimulation of Pain Receptors contributes Energy towards the fulfillment of Threshold Formation conditions for Neighboring Pain Receptors.

This may be related to the Quieting down of the condition during Sleep.

The Stimulation of Neighboring Pain Receptors is quite often categorized or Mis-diagnosed as Tri-geminal Neuralgia.

My Normal Immune System Response to Half-dead Tooth tissue in Tooth #11 provoked a Flurry of Pain signals from neighboring Tissue (Upper Jaw, Nose, Lips, and sometimes Tongue - all of which are bundled with Teeth Nerves in the Trigeminal Nerve.)

Without measurement equipment (to measure human nerve function outside the Brain & Heart), it is difficult to tell which Pain signals are Original Nerve Response to the inflammation created by the Half-Dead Tooth #11, and which Pain Signals are Induced by Primary Nerve Activity.

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Threshold Formation in a Human Neuron = Nerve Activity, Small # of Signals.

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Feb. 16, 2019 * Technical Additions.

Block Diagram of Human Nervous System,
Specific to Teeth

Schematic of Tooth Nerves, Right Upper Jaw.

Accessory innervation (Tooth #30, 2009, Dr. Raja Shah @ UoP-Dugoni)

Induced Neurochemical & Electrical Innervation as a source of Trigeminal Neuralgia, after Dental Infection

ANSWER:  Threshold Formation.
QUESTION:  What do Students of Transistor Function
have in Common with Students of Human Nerve Function ?

Fooling Around #1 * "I Know Kung Fu" scene from the Matrix.
What does the learning method featured by the Wachowski Siblings in the movie, The Matrix, have to do with Damaged Teeth Nerves & (induced) Trigeminal Neuralgia ?

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