"If Earth was a Rubik's Cube"

/\  Animation I did in the late 90's, before Google Earth.

I also constructed the 3D earth model from which the animation was constructed.

About the Patient & Author, Roger Bratt

I was born in California, and went to a Junior University near Palo Alto in the late 1970's.

I started as a Design Engineer in Silicon Valley in 1980.

About the Animation - I did that work in 1996-1997.

I can't show you what I was working on at my  corporate design job in the late 90's and early 00's because I was a design engineer on the core avionics on the Comanche Attack Helicopter, the F22, and the F35/ Joint Strike Fighter.

I think the Comanche helicopter will be transitioned into production between 2020 & 2030.

When I worked on the F22 it was in LRIP (Low Rate Initial Production) and re-designs were done under strict revision control.

My most recent task was to improve the EMI shielding effectiveness on a large rigid-flex backplane.)

On the JSF (F35), I was one of a group of about 15 that was picked to work on one of 2 competing designs for the Joint Strike Fighter Avionics.

Both teams worked for the same employer, and some of us
belonged to the same lunch-time gym groups.

I can't show you pictures of those avionics systems and their appendages.  A typical avionics system is about the size of a microwave oven, and is essentially an integrated super-micro-computer, a real time process control computer (or computers), with several serious radios attached.

I was working on "Mining Stuff" in 2018 when my functional work-time pretty much dropped to Zero, because of the Tooth infection that I have named, The Sutton Infection, and because of the Nerve Damage it caused, in 10 to 15 of my teeth.

Roger E. Bratt
541 244-8352 (email is better)

Table of Contents

*  Home, Introductory Page

*  About the Author

*  3D Animation, "Happy Birthday", in Flash Format

*  Timeline for The Sutton Infection, which started on or about August 9, and continues to this day

*  Standard of Care, Simple Questions about Dental Science that First Year Students need to Answer Correctly to make it to Year 2.

*  Tooth Numbering System, Mesial Distal Lingual Buccal

*  Diagrams & Illustrations

*  Notes regarding Surgical Procedure to Remove Damaged Nerves

Feb. 16, 2019 * Technical Additions.

Block Diagram of Human Nervous System,
Specific to Teeth

Schematic of Tooth Nerves, Right Upper Jaw.

Accessory innervation (Tooth #30, 2009, Dr. Raja Shah @ UoP-Dugoni)

Induced Neurochemical & Electrical Innervation as a source of Trigeminal Neuralgia, after Dental Infection

ANSWER:  Threshold Formation.
QUESTION:  What do Students of Transistor Function
have in Common with Students of Human Nerve Function ?

Fooling Around #1 * "I Know Kung Fu" scene from the Matrix.
What does the learning method featured by the Wachowski Siblings in the movie, The Matrix, have to do with Damaged Teeth Nerves & (induced) Trigeminal Neuralgia ?

Fooling Around #2
  *  Drive Your Cats Nuts Section.   Turn Down the Speaker Volume.

Doing Yoga
before Dr. Sutton Started the Sutton Infection
Whilst doing a Simple filling on my Tooth #11.