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Feb. 16, 2019 * Technical Additions.

Block Diagram of Human Nervous System,
Specific to Teeth

Accessory innervation (Tooth #30, 2009, Dr. Raja Shah @ UoP-Dugoni)

Induced Neurochemical & Electrical Innervation as a source of Trigeminal Neuralgia, after Dental Infection

ANSWER:  Threshold Formation.
QUESTION:  What do Students of Transistor Function
have in Common with Students of Human Nerve Function ?

Fooling Around #1 * "I Know Kung Fu" scene from the Matrix.
What does the learning method featured by the Wachowski Siblings in the movie, The Matrix, have to do with Damaged Teeth Nerves & (induced) Trigeminal Neuralgia ?

Fooling Around #2
  *  Drive Your Cats Nuts Section.   Turn Down the Speaker Volume.

Proposed Procedures & Related Questions.

A.  Pain Mapping - Determine which teeth are damaged.

B.  Why Start with Teeth ?  Because the pain & pressure sensitive nerve endings are compartmented nicely in most of 27 living teeth.

Removing the Damaged Nerves inside the Tooth Root, is much more specific, and has an extremely high success rate.  Every tooth that gets a Root Canal stops feeling pain.
Removing or Severing Nerves in the jaw & sinus outside the teeth - maybe you do that in some cases of TN.  Since my case of TN nerve damage is centered in the roots of the patient's teeth, you remove the patients' teeth (via Root Canal) to remove the Damaged Nerves.

C.  Sequential Time-Spaced Removal
    1.  #10, #12    Part of "Pain Belt"
        Nerves Obviously Damaged by Proximity to #11.
        #8, #9    Almost continuously painful

    2.  Lower Left, inc. #20 & #19

    3.  TBD

D.  Does Over-loading of Trigeminal Nerve by Pain Signals from 15 Damaged Teeth, cause the Pain in the Lips & Nose ?

i.e., is it possible that removing Damaged Teeth that are broadcasting simultaneous pain signals from 15 teeth, is causing an "induced pain", similar to injecting noise into a signal stream ?  i.e. remove the primary Pain Signal source (the damaged nerves in the damaged teeth) and see if the sensation of pain in the lips & nose is reduced or eliminated.

E.  What are the names of the "Toxic Puss" chemicals which leaked from the infected Tooth (#11) in the July August September time-frame ?

F.  How was Patient Infection different from Blood Poisoning - or is it EXACTLY a case of Blood Poisoning ?  Infected Nose & Sinus, Infected & Dead Tooth.

What were the concentrations of those chemicals at different places on the Timeline ?

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