Induced Neurochemical & Electrical Innervation
 as a source of Trigeminal Neuralgia, after Dental Infection

Induced Neuro-Chemical & Electrical Innervation as a Source of Trigeminal Neuralgia, after Dental Infection.

As shown in the diagrams on this page, every human tooth has 1, 2 or 3 bundles of Nerve Fibers.

These nerve fibers join with Thousands of other Nerve Fibers and connect the pain sensors in the teeth, to the pain receptors in the Human Brain.

The Nerve Bundles over which the Nerves travel is given a name as outlined in the Block Diagram I created.

What do I mean by "Induced Neurochemical & Electrical Innervation" ? 

The closest I have come to explaining it is in an email to a Dentist.

Here are the relevant parts of that email ==>

Dear Dr. *,

I attach a picture of one of the last things I was working on when I was tremendously en-feebled
by a tooth infection that damaged anywhere from 5 to a dozen other teeth.


I looked at your website and was struck about the obvious question -

What Chemical Compounds is it Safe to Use in the Human Mouth ?

When I read about Gutta-percha being used to fill excavated Root Canal teeth, 
it doesn't necessarily bother me to have "coagulated latex" from a tree in Malaysia,
at the core of my teeth - unless that is toxic.


I would like to ask a question about Induced Neurochemical & Electrical Innervation.

It appears to me that one of the things that's happening in my mouth is that the nerves in several teeth are firing what we in the Silicon Valley culture would call "False Positives" - they send the pain signals normally associated with infection, but we have treated the infection.

(Of course, this raises the question, are the antibiotics themselves responsible for some of the nerve damage ?)

Having worked in corporate America & now living on a limited income in Oregon, I ask what treatment would be available to someone like Larry Page, at Google ?

Would he be told to "just live with the pain", and be given Gabapentin for the pain ?

I don't think so.

If it was obvious that the location of some of the damaged nerves was in the teeth, those teeth would be removed.  And they would have a dentist smart enough to read the Dr. Huggins website so as to help them pick biologically inert materials that are not potential habitats for bacteria, viruses, fungi, or yeasts.

And when I say removed, Mr. Page would be given a choice between outright removal by oral surgeon, or biological neutralization (they hope) via Root Canal.  And Mr. Page would use his own search engine to find Dr. Huggins' website, and there would be conversations about what filler material to use for Mr. Page's multiple root canals.

So they would probably get root canals on the teeth affected, and they wouldn't get all the root canals at once.  Just a few at a time, based on best guesses about how that will lead to the attenuation of the situation where the teeth nerves are firing "False Positive" pain signals.  

Of course, this pruning of the human nervous system is not without effects.  e.g. on the human immune system.

Re the subject title.

I have a feeling that, in the pain centers in the brain where the pain receptors are, they are not perfectly isolated from each other, either electrically or chemically.

So when a bunch of nerve fibers that have passed the very real pain sensation, as Neuro-chemical activity that I like to think of as a Pod of Swimming Dolphins, when that Pulse of neural activity reaches the relevant pain centers in the brain -

Well, for Gosh sake, they are .000001 to .000005 inches apart.  That is the spacing of the nerve fibers - millionths of an inch, or smaller.

Neuro-chemical implies the presence of all the normal chemicals associated with nerve function.  (And of course accompanied by the voltage changes that are offer another window on the Nerve Function.)

Time-Dependent Chemical Diffusion

When we Engineers study Electro-magnetics, we normally start out with Statics, and then go on to Dynamics of Electro-magnetics.  Then we study fun things like using Maxwell's Equations to derive Snell's Law (of optics).

Part of Chemistry 101 is a simple thing called diffusion.  If you dropped a concentrated chemical into a pool of other chemicals, there is a force called "diffusion" that results in those concentrated chemicals spreading much further than a few millionths of an inch.

In the case of temporary pain sensations, the diffusion of Neuro-chemicals associated with Pain Receptor neural activity follows one path.

In the case of semi-permanent pain sensations, such as in a case like The Sutton Infection, it is closer to a static situation.  When Diffusion is first presented in Chemistry & Physics classes, it is normally presented as a Static situation, where the only thing that is changing is the concentration of the chemical being diffused.

If the Tooth Nerves are semi-continuouly firing, their pain receptors will be secreting (and possibly accumulating) the neuro-chemicals associated with pain perception in the brain.

It is possible, and probably Likely, that the Pain receptors become Exhausted.  This would correlate to the Neuro-chemicals possibly becoming saturated & in a less healthy state.

If the Pain Receptors associated with 5 teeth are semi-continuously firing, and located millionths of an inch from the parallel nerve fibers associated with the Lingual, Labial, and other nerves downstream (towards the body) from the Trigeminal Nerve, in the human head ==>

It is not a big surprise that significant nerve activity, from the damaged nerves, also causes the sensation of Lip, Tongue, and Nose pain.  The pain receptors are right next to each other in the nerve centers in the Cerebral Cortex, and the nerves travel parallel to each other, and very closely together, for 2 to 6 inches.

In any circuit in the electronic industry, that kind of circuit routing would be used in some cases to cause induced currents.  You send a current through one circuit trace, to induce a current in the neighboring circuit trace. 

Like an antenna.

In my case the nerve energy that starts the nerve activity that is subsequently coupled to other nerves associated with other body parts, is from what I have called a "False Positive".

Of course, this raises the question, what would happen in a case where there was tooth pain associated with visible tooth defects & conditions, for a sustained period of time.  In a case of Not False Positives, what observations would be made about the isolation vs. coupling of pain receptors for various body parts ?

In the complex electronic systems that we build, in a design meeting with the systems engineers, when the question is raised, "how much isolation do you need ?" (A question related to Electro-magnetic interference.)  A common answer is 100 dB.  That's what the systems engineers commonly tell the mechanical engineers.

It is practically obvious that the Nerves of the teeth and the Nerves of the Lips, Nose, & Tongue are not
either electrically or chemically isolated from each other.  Definitely not 100 dB.


Where I live, in rural Oregon, email over a wireless network is the most reliable way
to communicate.  I also add my phone and my Skype username.

Best Regards,

Roger Bratt

Skype =
541 244-8352

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Induced Neurochemical & Electrical Innervation as a source of Trigeminal Neuralgia, after Dental Infection

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