Human Nervous System Electrical Metrology

is a new field for me and I am very reluctant to make any sweeping generalizations after studying something for 4 hours.

For example, here is a link to a great article that discusses fun sounding things like "Patch Clamping", one of the methods used to get measurement tools close to Human Neurons, and the opportunity to measure their activity, usually electrical.

Since Human Neural Activity is Neuro-Chemical as well as Electrical,
the desire to see, witness, quantify, and accurately describe Human Neural Activity implies an instrument that does not only measure electrical state, but also chemical state, of the DUT.

DUT = Device under Test.

In this case, DUT = parts of a Living Human Body.

The objective is to measure Nerve Activity associated with the Sensation of Pain.

There are 1.1 Million Doctors in the US.

The brain doctors have Electro-Encephalography, the Heart Doctors have Electro-Cardiography (and the term
Electro-physiology is normally used in the context of the study of Heart function.)

How many of the other Doctors - and their Patients - would benefit from an Instrument to measure Pain ?

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Feb. 16, 2019 * Technical Additions.

Block Diagram of Human Nervous System,
Specific to Teeth

Schematic of Tooth Nerves, Right Upper Jaw.

Accessory innervation (Tooth #30, 2009, Dr. Raja Shah @ UoP-Dugoni)

Induced Neurochemical & Electrical Innervation as a source of Trigeminal Neuralgia, after Dental Infection

ANSWER:  Threshold Formation.
QUESTION:  What do Students of Transistor Function
have in Common with Students of Human Nerve Function ?

The False Logic of Protecting a Patient who has already had a Worst Case Outcome, from a Worst Case Outcome  WiP

The History of Medical Instrumentation  WiP - How Pain went from being an important Medical Instrument to something Disregarded because the 20th Century generation of instruments couldn't measure pain.

Developing Instrumentation to Measure Nerve Pain - initial Design Parameters (Patient has a background in the Electronic Instrumentation industry. )
1.  Notes on Nerve Measurement Probe Design.
2.  Signal Characterization, Voltages & Frequencies, and a Stab at Impedance.

WiP = Work in Process

Goodbye Hippocrates Essay  WiP



Fooling Around #1 * "I Know Kung Fu" scene from the Matrix.
What does the learning method featured by the Wachowski Siblings in the movie, The Matrix, have to do with Damaged Teeth Nerves & (induced) Trigeminal Neuralgia ?

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